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hayZaib’s Bio


Technology Professional,
Manage engineering and customer support organizations at AccessAgility. Also responsible for discovery of new business opportunities, products, and services for AccessAgility customers.

hayTrent’s Bio

System Engineer at CompuNet,
Loves creating and supporting tools that bridge the novice-expert gap enabling the user to make positive design decisions in wireless networking. It can be like watching a blind person see for the first time.

hayJay’s Bio

Director of Product Management, WildPackets,
Extensive experience specifying and driving the development of leading-edge technology products. Instrumental in setting new product directions that expand available markets and fuel company value and growth.

gthillGT’s Bio

G.T. is a Wi-Fi expert. Having run his own ISP, G.T. has detailed knowledge of and hands-on experience with a wide range of indoor and outdoor network technologies such as 802.11, WIMAX and many others. As a former wireless trainer for Global Knowledge and CWNP,G.T. has a broad understanding of a myriad of supplier products and technologies.
G.T. ‘s extensive understanding of computer networking includes Wi-Fi protocol behavior, network architecture and specialized topics such as dynamic beamforming, 802.11n and RF interference. He has successfully designed Wi-Fi networks in various environments, and trained company personnel to maintain and troubleshoot the network.
G.T. has also implemented many successful Wi-Fi networks in varying environments from State Capitol buildings to covering 1000 square miles of the high desert for remote Internet access. G.T.’s strength is his ability to take increasingly complex and technical topics and successfully communicate their value and operation in simple or deep detailed terms. Number 21 of 80 Certified Wireless Networking Experts (CWNE) in the world, G.T. also holds the Certified Wireless Network Trainer (CWNT) certification.