WLW 009 – CCIE Wireless Lab Prep / Professional Reputation


CCIE Wireless Lab Prep / Professional Reputation
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We’re glad to have Jennifer Huber with us to talk about her path to achieving CCIE Wireless, including her first pass at the Lab. She shares with us some of her study techniques, and ideas on how to better prepare for this most difficult lab exam.

Then we have Ed Schlichtenmyer back to talk with us about some of the things you can do to improve your professional and personal reputation.


To go along with Jennifer’s discussion on the CCIE Wireless Lab experience, here are some links to sites to help with your preparation for the CCIE Wireless certification. 

Jennifer’s Blog

George Stefanick’s Site

CCIE Wireless Study Blog

CCIE Wireless Advanced Lab Boot Camp

FastLane’s CCIE Wireless Lab Bootcamp

Course Fox’s CCIE Wireless Lab Boot Camp

CCIE Wireless Pursuit Blog

Ed Schlictenmyer’s “Four Steps to Enhancing Reputation

  1. Integrity
  2. Commitment
  3. Communicating with People
  4. Managing Projects

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10 thoughts on “WLW 009 – CCIE Wireless Lab Prep / Professional Reputation

  1. Nice discussion with Jennifer. It (wireless does require a lot of work) she will get her number ! She is an inspiration to us vendor neutral guys…as well as Jerome Henry. Cisco dominates wireless right now, so being able to pass the lab validates her commitment to excellence!

    • Thanks for your comment. I'll be doing a second interview with Jennifer later today about Location Tracking… it too should be pretty good.

      I'm very impressed with folks who are dedicated to difficult tasks like the CCIE Wireless – a definite achievement!

  2. Martin,

    The lab equipment used in the lab can be found here: https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/docs/DOC-5278

    I'd say at minimum you'd want a couple of controllers and a couple of 1242s to practice the bridge link configs. You'll need a server running ACS, WCS and AD in order to practice the authentication configurations as well. Cisco offers a 30 day license for WCS, but you'll need fully functioning versions of ACS and a Windows Server running Active Directory..

  3. Currently I have finished Fast Lane CCIE Wireless workbook.
    It is a good guide for understanding technology. Now I am going to study directly
    for the passing lab exam. If someone need more insight contact me at dzolotorev@yahoo.com